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The foods I gave up to clear my acne

Updated: Apr 14

In 2017, I was introduced to Medical Medium’s information on acne, and it changed my life. I was struggling with cystic acne at the time and had tried pretty much everything and anything to heal it. I already knew acne was related to diet and merely a reflection of what was happening inside the body, so I paid close attention to what I ate and avoided foods like gluten, dairy, and chocolate. I was also diligent about having acupuncture and facials, worked with various practitioners, and tried so many supplements. I believed in the holistic approach. Anyone who has suffered from acne knows the emotional and mental damage it can cause. Finding a solution can also be incredibly time-consuming and become a financial drain. There is nothing more annoying than hearing a dermatologist tell you that acne has nothing to do with your diet and you should just take a prescription drug. I had been through it all and had just about given up hope for a cure when I listened to Medical Medium explain what the root cause of acne is and how to address it. As I mentioned, I knew diet was a critical factor in healthy skin, but what I didn’t realize was that there were foods I was still eating regularly that were feeding viruses. Viruses lurking in your system, like Streptococcus and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), which cause acne, and there are 6 BIG ‘trigger’ foods that they thrive off of. As soon as I had this new information, I started applying it, and although it took some time, with some foods harder to avoid than others, I was finally able to clear my skin for good.

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Eggs are widely known as a health food and a good source of protein; and if you don’t have viruses in your system, they likely won’t harm you if you eat them on occasion. But the truth, according to Medical Medium, is that eggs feed viruses. The majority of the population also carries some degree of viruses such as EBV in their system. How did eggs end up being a trigger food? Well first you should know that any egg study that makes positive claims about eggs are paid for. In the early 1900’s, Big Pharma chose to experiment with eggs and raised pathogens with it in lab studies. Eggs were used in scientific laboratories as food for microorganisms, and unproductive bacteria such as Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes, and HIV, which is why eggs are at the top of Medical Mediums list of foods to avoid when you are healing. They end up feeding those viruses in our systems and cause physical symptoms like acne. When I was struggling with acne, I was eating whole eggs regularly, and they are also in so many processed foods, but my cystic acne started clearing rapidly once I cut them out. You can read more about eggs and why I chose to remove them from my diet in his book 'Cleanse to Heal' here.


You may have heard to cut back on gluten and grains to reduce inflammation. That’s because viruses and pathogens that cause acne and other issues, thrive on gluten which causes the inflammation. Medical Medium says there are only two causes of inflammation: 1. Physical injury by trauma or toxic exposure and 2. Pathogenic activity in the body. I have been gluten free for over 10 years, but I noticed a huge difference in the clarity and texture of my skin when I cut grains (rice, quinoa, etc.) out too.


I strictly stick to avocado oil, coconut, and olive oil when I am in the kitchen, and it’s also why I started cooking at home so much more when I really wanted to clear my skin. So many restaurants use cheaper sources of oil such as canola oil. More refined oils can cause inflammation by feeding viruses and they also are a source of high fat that thickens the blood and weakens the liver (our filter and processing center for toxins).

Also, pay attention to the labels on everything you buy at the grocery store. So many processed ‘healthy’ products and snacks contain oils such as sunflower, safflower or palm oil. It’s critical to be your own health advocate and understand what is in the products you are buying.


The majority of corn available today is genetically modified which means it is harboring all kinds of toxins (pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides) which are foreign to the human body. Corn, very similar to the story on eggs, was also used to raise pathogens in labs so pathogens like Epstein Barr will feed off of it (and it doesn’t know the difference between GMO or organic corn). I used to love eating corn tortilla chips as a snack and going out for Mexican food, because corn is gluten free, right? But once I gave corn up in addition to gluten, my skin cleared dramatically. They are also very easy to replace with Siete Chips or Cassava Flour Tortillas.


This one is pretty common knowledge for acne sufferers, and I was already off dairy well before learning Medical Medium’s info, but it is an important food group to give up if you are trying to clear your skin. Dairy clogs the liver which causes in turn, produces mucus. It also slows down the absorption of other foods and nutrients. So, if you are putting cheese on your salad, it’s impacting all the ‘good’ foods and preventing your body from properly absorbing the vegetables in your salad. If you want to clear your skin or improve your health, try cutting dairy out of your diet.


Glucose or natural sugars (found in fruit and raw honey) are a critical food for healing and for brain function. However, refined sugar such cane sugar, and brown sugar is something I gave up to clear my skin by easily replacing them with natural sugars such as honey, maple sugar, or coconut sugar.

These were the biggest things I cut out of my diet to clear my skin and improve my overall health but I should also mention the little things I also leave out of my diet as much as possible. The details matter, so when you are looking at food labels, look out for natural or artificial flavors, citric acid, soy, aspartame and preservatives. These are all seemingly small things that can trigger the healing process.

All of the recipes shared on my website, and the products in my online store are free of these 6 foods and preservatives.

Please note: by making a purchase through my amazon affiliate links I earn a commission.

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