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Dehydration affects everything from your skin to your mood, but did you know water isn't the only way to stay hydrated, and isn't even the best option? This is especially true if you're only drinking filtered water which is lacking important minerals that your cells need. Green juice, fresh organic coconut water, water with fresh squeezed lemon, eating juicy fruits like melon, and hydrating raw vegetables like leafy greens, cucumber, and celery are all great ways to help hydrate your body thanks to their high water content + minerals + electrolytes. If you’re properly hydrated, your body will have an easier time removing toxins from your liver, kidneys, and other parts of your body (it even helps cleanse old emotions when you're actively working on releasing them)!

I often go for a green juice when I feel a little dehydrated, or even when I feel hungry and need a snack because I find it satisfies my immediate hunger. I don't have scientific proof, it's just a personal observation and seems to work for everyone I suggest it to. You can try my favorite blend below:

My Go-To Green Juice Order

Celery Base




Green Apple



Pro Tip:

Drink your juice at least 20 minutes before a meal on an empty stomach or two hours after your last meal. If you like drinking plain water to stay hydrated, that's great too, but it needs minerals to properly hydrate you, so be sure to add some fresh lemon juice to your filtered water or spring for spring water (pun intended). Most water today has lost it's innate living structure and the lemon helps to make it more 'alive'.

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