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It's Spring and there is a feeling of freshness and newness in the air. But before you can fully embrace the new you've gotta let go of the old - the old patterns, beliefs, thoughts, people or places that no longer serve you. And even though it's spring, the next few weeks bring Mercury Retrograde and an Eclipse. I'm not an astrology major but I've lived enough life to know Mercury Retrograde usually brings back exes or things from the past and puts projects on hold for review (it's not a good time to sign a new lease or buy a new computer). Instead, it's a time to slow down and revisit things.

On the other hand, eclipses are known for their abrupt endings - eclipsing things out of your life. Maybe you've been thinking about leaving a job or relationship but haven't taken action yet - in that case action might be taken for you.

Whatever the details are, I put together some questions to ask yourself over the next few days and weeks so perhaps you can face some old situations with a brand new perspective. One that asks - what am I supposed to learn here? what is this teaching me? what do I need to heal within me so I can create a new reality around me?


  1. What pattern is showing up in my life right now?

  2. Where am I trying to meet a need through someone else with this pattern? Am I needing or wanting to feel loved, seen, supported, validated, connected, taken care of?

  3. Can I meet this need myself? What would meeting it myself look like?

  4. How is this situation teaching me to stand in my own power? Your power = meeting your own needs first and creating new beliefs that will create new outcomes.

  5. What does the feeling of this situation remind me of? Think back to a similar situation in the past. Had this happened in a relationship before? Did this happen to me or someone around me when I was a child? What wound is there a light on right now?

  6. What beliefs do I hold around this situation? What beliefs created this situation?

  7. What circumstances might have created these beliefs? Think back to your very early years. Where did you learn similar patterns or behavior was normal?

  8. What is a belief I would like to have about this? What is my new belief?

  9. Can I look for evidence around me that re-enforces this new belief?

This work isn't easy and these questions can be used any time light is shed on an old wound or trigger. Sometimes the hardest part is being honest with yourself. But remember the answers to these questions are between you and you, or whomever you feel safe and comfortable speaking to. Release any judgment you have of yourself and replace it with compassion. When you can recognize the people, patterns and circumstances in your life for what they are - a mirror image of you - you can begin to heal. When you begin to heal these wounds, your energy starts to change. Then the energy (the circumstances and people) around you will change.

The world is a mirror and everyone in your life is just playing their part in bringing awareness to what you need to heal within. Even when it's hard and it doesn't feel good, I'm always grateful for the light because it brings more awareness, and once I have the awareness, I know I have the power to change it. The power to create a new reality. Awareness = Power.

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