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Photo Credit: @emilyoberg

With the speed at which things move these days, we are expected to always be on, even if it's just an expectation we have of ourselves. Technology and entertainment are available to us 24/7. But nature has its own rhythm, and we are a part of that. Nature moves at a slower speed. It's cyclical. It allows for both rest and play. Winter and Spring. An ebb and flow. If you're anything like me, you've adapted to being 'on', love being in the flow, or you just enjoy the fun of working with inspiration so much that a long period of rest or a lack of inspiration feels unstimulating or flat out boring. But rest and solitude are an essential part of play and creativity. It always precedes inspiration (derived from the words in-spirit) and allows you to receive it. We live in a world of duality where everything has an opposite because it's only by contrast that we can truly appreciate and know what feels good, and most importantly what feels authentic. When you're guided to take a pause or slow down, honor it. Give yourself the time and space your mind and spirit are asking for because nothing feels as satisfying as authentic inspiration.

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