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I rarely mention supplements because it's such a personal thing and everyone's needs are different, but I went to see a new naturopathic doctor for a blood test earlier this week and it got me thinking about them. I've never been one to over-supplement or self-prescribe beyond the basics because I believe in having professional guidance in this area, and many people overdo it.

For many years, I've worked with an herbalist who uses biofeedback, muscle testing, and intuition to figure out what I need - someone I learned A LOT from. I've also done my own research to see what would help any particular issue (i.e. gut health, acne, PMS). Getting bloodwork done to understand what you might be deficient in is also important, and I'm excited to be working with someone who is introducing me to new things.

You will notice that I do make a few general suggestions whether it's for anxiety or sleep, but they are usually common supplements that most people are deficient in. When I try any new supplement, recommended by a specialist or not, I always introduce them one at a time to see how my body reacts. I don't believe in wasting a lot of money on supplements or taking something that doesn't feel right.

Keep in mind that supplements are supplements - they should provide additional support to a good diet, not replace one. Nutrients should first come from food, sun, and nature. Supplements are often necessary but not the only cure.

If you are looking for supplement guidance you can trust without visiting a specialist, below are some of the best resources I recommend for doing your own research:

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