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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Photo Credit: @haileybieber

Did you know that if you are the provider of an act of kindness towards anyone, whether they are someone you are close to or a stranger, with even just a smile or sparing change, the serotonin levels in you are increased to the same degree as they are in the receiver, and your immune system is strengthened? If you want to strengthen your immune system - be kind.

But even more than that, the observer of a random act of kindness has their serotonin levels and immune system strengthened just because they are in the energy field of someone displaying kindness. When you see someone being kind to another person, it's like a dose of an antidepressant.

In self-healing, the focus can be a lot on YOU - self-discovery, becoming more self-aware, learning to manage your energy and so-on, but someone taught me years ago that the quickest way to shift and upgrade my reality was to take the focus off of me, get out of my head and what I want, and to be of service to others, because service is what we are here for. Even more than that, when you are in service to others, all of your needs will be met, so you are really serving yourself. You will find it to be a big source of happiness too. We are all connected - there is nothing you do for others that won't come back to you - it just won't always come back in the way you expect it - so this week, I challenge you to look for an opportunity to help someone without any expectation in return, but knowing that you are uplifting someone and spreading joy.

Post Inspired by Wayne Dyer

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