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Recently, I asked followers to tell me one of their negative thoughts, and I would help them shift it to a more empowering one. How many people never feel like they are 'enough'?

Not enough by who's standards though? This belief is usually rooted in our own programming of what we 'should be' or in comparison to other people we admire. The fastest way to transmute the belief and energy of "not good enough" is to spend time every day focusing on the qualities, skills, and interests that make you unique. We are all designed to serve differently, so if you are comparing yourself to someone else, remember that you don't feel good enough simply because you aren't focused on fulfilling your potential and building up your own gifts. When you are doing that, you won't have time to compare yourself to anyone. You will also feel so good about yourself that you will feel happy for others and inspired by them - not envious or jealous. 

Feelings of self-doubt are normal, but let your new thought be "I am enough." Then, build the energy behind this statement every day with small actions that build your confidence, challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone and noting what you love about yourself. This shifts you into a more empowered vibration and transmutes lower frequencies like inferiority. Healing and growth happen in the tiniest baby steps taken every day. Download my SELF-LOVE worksheet to make this an everyday habit.

There is no one better or less than you - you might just be caught up in looking at someone more in alignment with who they are, so shift your thoughts to: " I want to be more in alignment with who I am" and remember that even your circumstances are a gift to teach you how to step into your power so be grateful for them and see it as your unique path. 

Photo Credit: @mirandakerr

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