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Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Photo Credit: @natasupernova

While my page focuses on foods free of six common irritants, I know everyone's needs are different. There are so many labels for diets, but there isn't one in particular that I identify with. I have taken bits of information from incredible sources and adopted what has helped my body heal & function at its best. There are still things considered 'healthy' that don't work for me.

One belief I hold about food is that eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential. This one is universal. Colorful fruits and vegetables are full of life force & nutrients. When I stick to meals with 'living' foods, my energy is higher, mind is clearer, and my productivity is better. I still enjoy 'fun' foods, but there is a way to modify everything, substituting the things that don't work and adding more nutrition through whole foods.

The basis of how I eat comes from the desire to feel good. Health is the foundation of everything. When we feel good, our mood is good, and our energy is vibrant. The way I choose to eat now wasn't an overnight process and is still evolving. I stay tuned to what's working by paying attention to the subtle shifts in my mood, energy, or digestion after eating or when I wake up. If my body doesn't agree with something, my body sends a signal. I have become more mindful of how I feel each day and adjust if needed. Like nature, we are evolving, ever-changing beings, and we need to adapt to the seasons (or even the day!). This applies beyond food as well.

Practicing mindfulness is key. If you pause after eating and ask yourself, 'how do I feel'? You will know what works for you and what you need. Listen to your own guidance. I've also learned not to self-sabotage by eating something I know won't make me feel good or make my skin break out.

I don't count calories, nor do I feel that I deprive myself of anything. I prefer to focus on ingredients. I enjoy an abundance of food and learned that the more I nourish my body with nutritious foods, the less I crave processed food. It isn't long before your palette completely changes. My food philosophy is pretty simple – eliminate the HARMFUL foods (gluten, corn, eggs, refined sugar, refined seed oils, soy, coffee, alcohol, citric acid, GMO's) and enjoy an abundance of HEALING foods.

Diets aren't one size fits all. Every person has different needs at different times, so I always encourage people to get to know themselves, understand their individual needs and not compare themselves to anyone. Everyone is on a different journey and at a different point in their journey.

I also believe in a holistic approach to health – mind, body, emotions, and spirit because it's all interconnected. There isn't usually just one cause of an issue. It can take years to peel away the layers that will get to the root cause of any issue. It can take a lot of seeking and research, which is why I also named my account THESELFHEALERSGUIDE, and developed my blog – to take everything I have learned (and am continuing to learn) to guide others on their journey – some information may be helpful and some may not be! But I want to serve as a guide – sharing what works for me as I continue to grow and evolve.

Personally, I am committed to 'feeling good.' That is my guide, and I am using food to support that.

Originally shared on May 14, 2020

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