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healthy gluten free, corn free, refined sugar free, and soy free snack ideas for when you're feeling snack-ish

Photo Credit: Claudia Schiffer

Apple with Manuka Honey or Almond Butter

If you've got a sweet tooth, reach for manuka honey (it's loaded with health benefits and contains antibacterial properties) + the glucose will give you the energy boost you need.

If you're looking for something a little more substantial and salty, reach for almond butter. It's loaded with protein and extremely satisfying. Just be sure to use a clean one with minimal ingredients and healthy oils.

Banana with Manuka Honey

Bananas are a great snack on the go. Not only are they naturally packaged, but they contain energy boosting B-6 and electrolytes. Top it with some manuka honey if you want something a little extra - you can use these Honey On The Go packets.

Dried Fruits (Buy them Organic, without Sulfites!)

Dates are super satisfying, and contain many essential vitamins and minerals.

These cute snack packs by Joolies Dates are ultra-convenient and they're great for kids, work, or travel.

Dried Apricots, mango, or pineapple are some other great options, and satisfy any candy craving. Just be sure to check the ingredients so you're buying them without sulfites (aka preservatives).

Carrots, Celery, Radish with Caesar Dressing

The mineral salts in raw vegetables will give you a good energy boost.

Carrots are my go-to, on their own or with my favorite caesar dressing. However, I always buy organic raw unprocessed carrots, not bagged baby carrots. Baby carrots go through a process when they are peeled and shaped, including a chlorine bath*.

Buying organic whole carrots and peeling them yourself is your best option. You'll taste the difference too.

Siete Chips with Guacamole or Salsa

If you're on the go, the guacamole might not be an option, but siete chips are the best and healthiest alternative to corn chips. Not only are they grain/corn free (made from cassava flour), but they are also made with avocado oil, while the majority of corn chips on the market contain inflammatory vegetable oils like canola or sunflower oil.

PRO TIP: When buying salsa, read the ingredient labels and avoid preservatives like citric acid.

Homemade Potato Chips

You can easily make your own potato chips at home with Yukon potatoes. Just slice them up, add a little Himalayan pink salt and bake them in the oven at 350F for about 20-30 minutes until they are golden. When I first started trying the Medical Medium diet, I made these every day, even before flights. They're salty and satisfying.

Green Juice

You might be surprised how fresh organic green juice can take away your hunger. Sometimes you're not hungry, you're thirsty - and the nutrients + minerals in green juices give your body what it actually needs, leaving you less hungry.

PRO TIP: The best option is to choose an unprocessed snack (the food that doesn't come with an ingredient label). But when you're browsing the snack aisle at the grocery store, below are a few things I try to avoid in any ingredient label:

  • Wheat/Gluten

  • Corn (most corn is genetically modified)

  • Canola Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Safflower Oil

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Cane Sugar

  • Brown Sugar

  • Whey Protein

  • Soy

  • Citric Acid

  • 'Natural' Flavors (code for MSG)

  • Food Dyes and Coloring

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