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A hero is one who heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same" - Yung Pueblo
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The Self Healers Guide was established in 2021 as a guide for holistic health and self-healing. The SHG is dedicated to sharing information that will help you transform your life from the inside out through nutrition, mindset practices, emotional wellness, vibration, self-love, and personal development.


 We all have the innate power to heal ourselves, but stress, emotional trauma, cultural programs, and our modern environment suppress this ability. Without healing the mind and reconnecting with your spirit, lasting change and transformation cannot occur, and the truth is, only you can make the changes.


While I am not a licensed nutritionist or therapist, I believe in the power of information and awareness. After spending years searching for the right tools, knowledge, alternative healers, spiritual mentors and implementing it all, I realized there isn’t one single solution or someone outside of ourselves who has more power to improve our lives. I built this site as a resource to guide you on your journey to healing and becoming the best, most authentic version of yourself.

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