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Photo Credit: @natasupernova

Does Valentine’s Day trigger you? or does it highlight what’s missing from your life? Do you think it’s just a stupid holiday? Let me offer you a fresh perspective on it and perhaps a way to shift your energy into a better feeling place as Valentine’s Day approaches. After all, how you feel is what you are attracting. So, if it makes you feel lonely, sad, or spiteful – that is exactly what you will continue to receive. Suppose you want to attract more love or a romantic relationship into your life. In that case, it’s important to be in the frequency of love – everything else will give you the opposite of what you desire.

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. You can feel the spirit of it, the love, in the air even days before. But it wasn’t until recently that I understood why it’s one of my favorite holidays. Single or not, I see the day as a celebration of love, which in its truest form isn’t necessarily romantic. It’s simply a state of being – the highest state of being there is.

On Valentine’s Day, there is a collective shift in frequency to this higher vibration, because on this day the majority of the population focuses on spreading or sharing love. They are sending flowers, baking cookies, buying chocolates, writing notes, giving gifts, going out on dates, and expressing their love in so many other ways to those around them. With this many people focused on LOVE, there is a massive energy shift.

So what would happen if we did this every day? Instead of celebrating just once a year, what if we chose to focus our energy on expressing love and spreading joy every day? Imagine the world we would live in if we remained in this frequency as an entire collective. So if you are single (or even if you’re in a relationship), consider some nice things you can do for yourself on Valentine’s day, for your parents, your siblings, friends, and other loved ones.


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