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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

All living things - people, plants, animals, flowers, and food calibrate at an energetic (vibrational) frequency.

85% of the world's population calibrates under 200 (on David Hawkins Map of Consciousness from 1 to 1,000). Anything under 200 aligns with the vibration of fear and accounts for the vast suffering on the planet. The level of 200 (Courage) marks the shift from negative to positive energy.

The opposite of fear is love. The energy of fear feels constricting. Love feels expansive and life-supporting. Living things all react positively to what is life-supportive and negatively to what is life-threatening. Trees, for example, become smaller at higher elevations as the oxygen in the atmosphere becomes scarcer.

Pets, as another example, calibrate around 245-250, and their nature is loving overall. Furthermore, a dog's wagging tail calibrates extremely high (500). Level 500 is the energy of the heart. This explains why many people say they like their dogs more than people! Energy can't be seen, but it can always be felt, and we tend to gravitate toward those who feel positive and 'uplifting'.

If you really dig into health and dis-ease, the root of everything is based upon frequencies. Are your daily thoughts, intentions, and choices raising your vibration or lowering it? This can include what you are thinking, reading, watching on TV, what you are eating, and how you are feeling.

The healing path truly starts with a shift in individual consciousness - which means healing emotions, perceptions, thought patterns, and aligning more with love.

When your frequency aligns with love, you will start to attract all those things that resonate at that same frequency including greater health and well-being. Added Bonus: When you raise your own frequency, you help lift the collective frequency.

Source: The Map of Consciousness Explained by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.


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