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Updated: May 2, 2021

Photo Credit: @pernilleteisbaek

I spend a lot of time focusing on energy when it comes to healing. Your energy impacts everything that comes to you, so when you shift your energy, everything shifts around you. Your environment has a big impact on your energy, but your home is also a reflection of your vibration and indicates areas you may need to heal within yourself.

If your environment is messy or it doesn't 'feel good, it's usually a sign that your life is imbalanced, or you are disconnected from yourself in some way.

Read what your home may be saying about you and see my tips below for a High Vibe Home.


Indicates a lack of self-support, feeling ungrounded, stored emotions


If you have a lot of clutter and have trouble getting rid of things – what are you holding on to? Do you feel insecure in some way? Do you have a 'lack' mentality, fearing there won't be 'enough' and, therefore, hold on to things just in case you need them (but most likely never will)? Do you have old emotional wounds that you need to heal and let go of? Hoarding items you don't use, keeping items that bring up bad memories or broken items disrupts the flow of energy in your home, and will create blockages to move forward in your life.

Messy homes also throw off the energy of your home. Do you have a lot of paperwork or stuff lying around, or are your countertops clear? Do you keep your laundry moving, or do dirty clothes sit in the hamper for a while? Do you leave your dirty dishes in the sink, or do you keep it clean? All of these things and more will cause stagnant energy. It also indicates self-neglect or feelings of being 'ungrounded.'


Indicates lower vibrations and emotions


If you or someone you live with carries a low vibration and spends a lot of time in lower emotional states such as anger, depression, or fear, it will make your home feel heavy and 'off.' It won't be a place that feels good and it can feel paralyzing.

Raising your own vibration through meditation and inner work will help raise the energy in your home. See more tips below for raising the vibration of your home.


Can cause a build up of energy that you will absorb


If you live in an older home and a lot of people lived in the home before you, their energy could linger. The land it was also built on can have old energy that impacts the energy of your home. Alternatively, if you have many guests over, it's a good idea to regularly sage your home or cleanse the energy in some other way because a lot of energy can collect.

Be conscientious of who is coming in and out of your home and who you are inviting in.


1. MAKE YOUR BED Make your bed as soon as your wake up and keep your sheets fresh!

2. TIDY UP Keep things on your dresser and counter spaces neat and clear. Tidy up every night before bed before you sleep, so you sleep in a clean space and wake up a new day.

3. CLEAN YOUR CLOSET Clean out your closet at least once a year, if not more. My general rule of thumb is if I don't feel good wearing it – it's time to let it go. Clothes hold memory, so if something consistently brings back unpleasant reminders, I prefer to let it go and replace it with something new. eBay is a great resource for selling old clothes and repurposing the money for new ones.

4. DO YOUR LAUNDRY Keep your laundry bin empty. Don't let dirty clothes sit around – keep your laundry going and your clothes fresh.

5. CLEAN YOUR REFRIGERATOR Keep your refrigerator clean and organized. Throw out old food and expired products.

6. ADD PLANTS AND FLOWERS to lift your mood and naturally purify the air in your home.

7. GET FRESH AIR open the windows to allow fresh air to circulate every day.

8. SAGE if you feel negative energy in your home, open your windows and use sage to clear it out. You can use an affirmation like "I cleanse this space and ask any negative energy or lower vibrations to leave. I allow only that which is aligned with pure positive source energy. If you don't like the smell of sage, skip it. The smell can sometimes cause a headache for me, so I usually opt for opening the windows and lighting my favorite non-toxic candles.

9. PLAY HEALING MUSIC Music carries sound frequencies that can promote healing and positive energy. Check out my youtube playlist for some of my favorites.


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