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The Root of (Happiness)

Photo Credit: Christy Turlington for Vogue Italia (1993)

Freedom is the basis of who we are. Freedom to be, do, and fully express our authentic selves. At the root of any desire is freedom and acceptance. That, and the elusive “happiness”. Those are the things we are really craving. We want to be free to be who we are, and we want to feel “happy”.

It’s why so many people seek money or resources. At the end of the day, those things equal freedom – but do they? In many cases, yes, money can provide a certain level of freedom. It also provides security. Security can become a trap though. We can build walls around us, and never truly experience the feeling of freedom, the feeling of being ALIVE. Some people end up addicted to work, without the freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Others think they will finally be happy when they can afford their dream car, but that ‘feeling’ of joy is only temporary. They go back to their eat, work, and sleep cycle, to continue to pay for that car, and lasting happiness eludes them. And when is enough, enough? Usually, once we satisfy one desire, we are onto the next.

We often buy things to fill an emotional void within us. But money does not buy happiness. Some of the wealthiest people will tell you it doesn’t. We didn’t come here to be consumers and to mindlessly collect things to feel secure.

When you embark on the spiritual path of self-healing and wake up to your true self, you will learn that true happiness is an inside job. Your happiness will start being filled through self-love, self-fulfillment, gratitude, and compassion for others. Of course, you can still enjoy nice things, and have desires, but you will not be defined by them, or attached to them. You begin to view life in an entirely new way. You realize you came to experience the beauty of life, to experience the beauty of yourself, and for the expansion of your soul.

If it’s not money, maybe it’s love or fame you are seeking. The core desire behind love is acceptance. Knowing that people appreciate us and celebrate us for who we are. I’m not saying any of these things shouldn’t be desired; But what happens in the in-between? Before we reach those goals or manifest what we want? If we can’t feel happy, peaceful, or joyful on the journey, what’s the point anyways?

The teachings of Abraham Hicks say that the only reason we desire anything is that we believe we will feel better in the having of them. If we could just love ourselves and where we are in the moment, without them, those things will come as a result. This is very true, by the way.

Ultimately, happiness is a choice. When you wake up, you can decide to feel good and choose happiness under any circumstance. It may take some training, but one of the things I like to do when I wake up in the morning is starting with the affirmation, “Today is going to be a great day”. It sets the intention that good things will come, and you can continue to express gratitude for all the things that do show up.

Choosing to feel good under any circumstance, releasing resistance, and expressing gratitude is the key to lasting happiness. Once you learn that you are responsible for your happiness, and look for things to appreciate under any circumstance, then you will know lasting happiness.

“I am the creator of my mood. Therefore, I am the creator of my day." - Abraham Hicks

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