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A clean space is essential for both physical and mental health, but have you switched to non-toxic home cleaning and laundry products yet? Environmental toxins are everywhere, and while some you don't have control over - you can do your best to create a non-toxic home.

The chemicals and artificial fragrances in conventional cleaning products and air fresheners are toxic to your system and will hinder your healing process. When you see the word 'fragrance' in an ingredient list, it is actually comprised of hundreds of chemicals. These chemicals are so potent they can seep into your walls, furniture, and clothing, dramatically affecting the air quality of your home. These chemicals known to to be carcinogens, endocrine disruptors (hormone disruption), neurotoxins (that affect the brain, mood, and behavior), and more.

Even if you aren't suffering from a current condition or feel sensitive to artificial fragrances (who doesn't get a headache?), the toxins can build up over time and cause issues later on. I created the below product guide for all the clean swaps you can make at home to support your health and protect you and your family.

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Thieves - I've been using Thieves household cleaner for several years now. It's a safe and effective concentrated multi-purpose spray that uses only plant-based and naturally derived ingredients to effectively clean your home. It's also infused with Young Living's signature Thieves premium essential oil blend that will fill your home with a rich, spicy aroma.

Aunt Fannies - not everyone loves the scent of thieves essential oil (it takes some getting used to) so I also recommend Aunt Fannie's which is mainly made of white vinegar.

Bon Ami - Bon Ami is a non-toxic multipurpose cleaning powder that is free of dye, chlorine and fragrance. Replace your standard comet cleaner with Bon Ami.


Seventh Generation Dish Soap - I use the unscented dish soap by Seventh Generation for dishes, but also for washing fruits and vegetables, as recommended by Medical Medium. I also use their dishwasher tablets.

Miracle II Soap - Miracle II Moisturizing Soap is a non-toxic concentrated multi-purpose soap that can be used for everything from fruits, to dishes, hands, and body.

Aspen Clean - Aspen Clean carries a range of dish products from liquid soap to dish tabs that are plant-based and non-toxic.


Ecos - It's difficult to find a non-toxic laundry detergent that actually makes your clothes feel fresh and clean. Ecos is not only plant-based and non-toxic but the non-toxic scents make your clothes smell fresh.

Branch Basics - I've tried several of the branch basics products, but my favorite product from their line is the Oxygen Boost Powder. I use it to brighten up whites, but I also use it for smaller things - like keeping my Vitamix pitcher fresh and clean looking. If you mix a little of the powder with some liquid soap and water, you can blend it for a minute, then scrub if necessary, until your pitcher looks brand new.


EO Hand Soap - EO has a great line of personal care products I use often. Their lavender hand soap smells great, but isn't artificial. EO also makes great hand sanitizing wipes I keep in my car.

Bamford Organic Hand Soap - I love the Bamford hand soap - you have to smell it to understand. It's scented with Bamford's signature mood-lifting fragrance, the formula contains a blend of pure essential oils, including peppermint to help calm the skin, eucalyptus to enhance the mood and geranium to support the skin's natural healing process.

Bamford Geranium Hand & Body Wash also contains no SLS, parabens, GMOs or artificial fragrance or colour. This lotion features a vegan formula and is crafted with 97% natural ingredients and is COSMOS Natural Certified.

Miracle II Soap - I mentioned this one above, but it's worth a second mention because it really is so versatile. Miracle II is a multi-purpose soap that can be diluted and used as hand wash or a body wash (the company even mentions it as shampoo, although I wouldn't recommend it for that).


Once you've successfully replaced your standard cleaning products, below are a few of the items I recommend throwing out or avoid buying to keep your home healthy!

Conventional Laundry Detergents like TIDE

Dryer Sheets

Febreze Plug-ins and Sprays

Lysol Sprays + Wipes

Scented Candles

Scented Trash Bags

Scented Toilet Paper

Scented Anything (your guests will thank you too)


Remove your shoes when you enter your house. You don't want to drag in dirt and everything from the outside into your clean home.

Keep the windows open everyday for fresh air. This will also help clear out leftover chemical odors over time.

Note: I may earn a share of sales if you make a purchase through the external links on this page.

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