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Updated: Aug 13, 2023

E-motions are energy, and energy wants to move. When emotions are left unprocessed, it blocks our natural energy flow in life. Deep hurts and traumas, left unresolved, become roadblocks, unconscious patterns, and very often manifest into physical symptoms. A trauma might be something seemingly small that happened when you were younger and don't even remember; you just didn't know how to process it at the time, and it created a narrative in your subconscious mind. It can also be something more significant that you blocked out because it was too painful. A trauma is finally being defined as anything that exceeds your nervous system's ability to cope. The word 'trauma' comes from the Greek word for 'wound', says Dr. Gabor Mate. Wounds are not objective. It was your internal experience that only you can validate. If you learned to ignore your feelings or were told you were making too big a deal of something, you probably struggle to honor your feelings now.

To truly heal, transform, and raise your vibration, unprocessed emotions need to be addressed and let go of. At times it's easy to identify a feeling we no longer want to carry, especially as we become more self-aware on the self-healing journey. Other times, the emotion can be buried so deep that we need help identifying our blocks and removing them. That's when I tell people about Dianne.

Dianne is a gifted healer and channel who offers an over-the-phone service called 'Emotional Healing Journey". I asked her a few questions so you could learn more about her incredible service, but I can also tell you from personal experience how amazing, insightful, and empathetic she is.

Sometimes it takes an outside voice, without judgment, to have a life-changing 'AHA!" moment and help you uncover the layers that are getting in the way of your freedom. Read below to learn more about the Emotional Release Sessions with Dianne. You can book a session through her website, Sacred Light Integrations. Use code SELF HEALER for 25% off your first session.

1. How does a typical emotional release session with you work?

We start by connecting to the person’s higher self, energetically, and ask what emotion(s) are ready to be released and then we begin, one at a time.

I have a chart with many emotions listed and energetically dowse for the emotion that is currently ready to be released. After an emotion is identified, we (the collective mind, of me and the client) ask if the person needs to know more about the emotion. If not, most times we simply release it, understanding the person has worked through a majority of the energy connected to that emotion and we simply need to nudge it along to light so it can be transmuted. In some cases, individuals feel the need to know, so we can look into it further, but this is rare.

If the Higher Self notes that the client does need to know more about it, we ask if it is from this lifetime or another. If it is from another lifetime, we ask if the person was a male or female in that lifetime, to have a big picture of the perception they had in that lifetime. From there, I focus on the client and the emotion and begin to either see or hear a narrative and share with the client. Together, we create an understanding of how the emotion created a barrier in the energy body. From there, we try to identify how it may be manifesting currently in their life. At this time, as the client begins to share what they feel it may be, I energetically pick up if what they are sharing, is indeed the situation. We identify as much as we can around the emotional energy to get as clear as we can about how the emotion is manifesting now.

Recently, my guides have encouraged me to blend in one of my other services, guided astral travel, to the release work. Just as we feel good at certain places, think of a favorite park, bench or a town, where you feel calm and at peace; if we are at a place that resonates with our energy body, we can more easily, and perhaps more clearly, understand the lessons and release the emotional energy.

2. What kinds of emotions are identified in a session?

A majority of the time, they are the lower vibrational energies like unworthiness, anger, anxiety, wavering, hatred, etc. We do find happy emotions also. Think of a bride who has been planning a wedding for a year and has family fly in from all over and the morning of the wedding, a great uncle dies. While although the wedding continues, the true happiness the bride should feel on that day, may not be expressed. This can also cause emotional barriers.

3. How do you 'release' the emotions in a session?

We do this energetically using white light and intention, and in some cases asking guides or guardian angels to step in to help the person let go. I do continue to use a healing pendulum though, from when I first started, as watching the pendulum rotating is so calming to me and I feel this resonates through the client as well. It also magnifies the intention with a physical action in our 3D world.

4. How do unprocessed emotions get in my way?

If one has an experience in a past life or different timeline that is not processed or understood, it stays with someone at the energy/soul level until it is resolved. If someone was hung in a prior lifetime for something they said, the person may now have difficulty speaking their truth.

In their current lifetime, if someone is called clumsy at a young age, they may move forward in life becoming more and more conscious of their actions and so centered on what others think, they live their life completely based on what others will think of them, not from who they really are and what they want to enjoy or create.

5. What are the benefits of releasing emotions?

Most report feeling lighter and having more clarity around events or situations that may be occurring in their life. For some, the peace of knowing where the pattern came from, eases the path going forward and for others, major life changes have happened: new jobs, asking for/ getting raises, forgiveness and/or better relationships with family members or friends, etc.

6. How can I begin to uncover unprocessed emotions on my own? How can I release them?

Great question! There are a few great tools to use. Watch for the patterns in life and ask the questions. Why do I do this ‘that way’, why do I act this way or why do I think or have this opinion about a person or situation? Often times, journaling or talking with a trusted friend about this can help us see things from a different perception.

Next, when others hit your emotional buttons, what emotion do you feel? Really diving into it and identifying it, is the first step. We’ll use anger as the example. The next step is the difficult part for so many. Look inside of you, and see why you may be angry at yourself. This is a hard thing to do, since we as humans prefer to point the finger to another person or situation, to blame. When in reality, we all create our own realities and the world around us is truly a mirror of what is inside of us.

After the emotion is identified and the connection is made, one can set a time and do any type of little ritual they feel may help. Some write it on paper and burn it (carefully), others meditate on the situation and then fill their hearts with love, send it off with their intention and image of white light removing it from them. Others, imagine pulling the emotion out from a part of them, setting it a piece of wood and sending it down a river – away from them. Whatever feels right to each individual is perfect. It is awareness of what the emotion is, love, light and intention, that is important.

Anyone can start making huge improvements with awareness. If you hit a wall or need a little nudge, ask a trusted friend who can listen and share their perception. Or if you are looking for an unknown confidant, there are practitioners like me, who are happy to help however we can.

Book a session through Dianne's website: Sacred Light Integrations and use code SELFHEALER for 25% off your first session!

Photo Credit: Miranda Kerr

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