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It's Not You; It's Your Vibration

Ok, so this title is a little misleading because you are your vibration, and that's the end of it. Every person you meet, every dollar you receive, every experience you deem 'good' or 'bad' comes to you because of your vibration. Everything is energy, and the energy you emit is matched and returned to you or created by you.

Every romantic relationship we have in life is because we are meeting on a vibrational level first. When we meet someone and feel a resonance, it's because our vibrational frequencies are matching up. We are drawn to each other like magnets; there is no distance or time that can keep us apart. The universe will find a way to bring us together because we are ready to meet.

Our intimate relationships (and all relationships) are reflections of us. Whatever you love about them, you have those same qualities. Those qualities may manifest or be expressed differently, but the vibrational essence is the same.

So, what about the things that bother you or start to annoy you once the honeymoon is over? If you look at it from a vibrational level and analyze it closely, you will see that you also carry those same vibrations; it's something you matched on. Relationships are mirrors, so the things that trigger us are simply being reflected back to us and showing us what we need to heal within ourselves. If you can recognize this during the relationship, that's great, because you can do the work to improve the relationship. You just have to understand that it all starts with you. There isn't anything you can change about another person. We are all responsible for our own vibration.

There are always many potential outcomes for any relationship and sometimes people grow together (both recognizing the work they need to do within) and sometimes they grow apart (usually one person chose to do the work and the other doesn't) or maybe neither of them become aware of the patterns they need to break and continue on the same path - but they stay stuck in an unhealthy holding pattern, never feeling fully satisfied in their relationship or they enter a new relationship, but encounter the same issues and create the same dynamic.

When a relationship goes south, we often let the hurt and disappointment linger (that's natural and human), and this is true for both parties. We also might see it as a 'failure' or it could leave us feeling rejected or unworthy of love. But if you change your perception, you can see it's nothing personal, it's simply vibrational. If you are the one who ended the relationship, you can view the relationship as a success – you learned, you grew, and you raised your vibration to a new level which means you have a new opportunity to attract a partner who is aligned with the new version of you.

If you didn't want the relationship to end, and you still want to be together, you can also see this as an opportunity to grow and raise your vibration, because there is always a chance to match up again, at a higher frequency, where you will both feel more fulfilled and joyful in the relationship. Either way, you can both live happily ever after.

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