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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine

To live intuitively, you’ve gotta slow down enough to hear what your body needs and tune out the noise around you (which often includes what other people say is right for you or what you should do), and it’s a daily practice.

Your spirit knows exactly what you need and where you want to go. The tricky part can be listening to its guidance, especially when it’s subtle, goes against logic, routine, what our ego wants (ie. instant gratification or appearance sake), or we aren’t sure where it will lead.

The subtle guidance can have the greatest impact on our lives - leading us to new opportunities, synchronistic run-ins with people, or something else we’ve wanted to create in our lives.

The best way to start living intuitively is to set an intention for what you would like and then surrender to the many avenues in which it may come. Setting an intention is powerful because it's stating exactly what you want, but letting go of control of how you'll get there. This is where you let God and your internal GPS take the steering wheel.

Each day, set your intention, but throughout the day, make sure you slow down enough to get quiet and ask yourself, “what is it that I need right now in this moment?” You may be surprised by the response, but it’s important to follow it because your spirit always has a great plan, and the best timing is always Diving timing.

The needs can be as subtle as a green juice when you usually order a matcha or a walk vs. a gym workout or another random impulse. I'll never forget having the impulse to order a large supply of toilet paper online in late February or Early March 2020, only to have a toilet paper shortage a few weeks later amid the COVID pandemic. Or, more recently, when I waited over a year to buy something (a handbag that I had my eye on), only to feel the urgent impulse to go on a particular day, which I later found out was right before the price was going to increase. Of course, I have many more significant examples than these, and even examples of my intuition and subconscious mind leading me away from harm. However, my point is you can rely on your inner guidance system for everyday decisions, whether small or large.

Start practicing by asking yourself in each moment - “what should I wear - this or that?” or “do I want this for dinner or that?” “should I drive this way or that way?” “should I try that new cafe or go to my usual place” or even a general “what do I FEEL like doing today? - follow what feels like the right answer, and you might not know why right away, but you’ll understand either later that day or later down the road.

Your spirit always knows what you need and why you need it - you just gotta tune in and trust yourself enough to follow your own guidance 💫 Staying flexible also allows magic to unfold in ways that are better than what you had originally planned.
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