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Updated: Oct 19, 2023


Sometimes we don’t recognize our own abilities or gifts because they come so naturally to us. We think, ‘Well, that’s obvious, everyone knows this or knows how to do that’ – but that’s not true. We all have our own unique gifts to share with each other. As we live life and have new experiences, we expand, hone our skills, and develop new ones. We also bring our own unique perspective from our experiences. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the special qualities we see in others or trying to be like others, that we don’t even recognize our own. It can take years, even decades to discover what our true purpose is, but every experience (job, relationship, event) indeed does serve our own evolution. Every person arrives in their own time, because we are all on our own timeline as well.

Each experience brings us to a new level, and at that level we are required to embrace a new version of ourselves. Comparison can often hold us back. Comparison is the thief of joy because it robs us of ourselves– it’s disempowering, limiting and makes us feel inferior. These are all lower vibrational energies that will keep us stuck. We were all designed to serve differently so we have to shift those thoughts and instead, let it inspire us to become more of who we are. More and more people are embracing their authenticity - letting go of what isn’t really them but something they may have been conditioned toward by their society, culture, family or peer group. If you feel like you are trying or forcing something that doesn’t feel natural to you– let it go. What is authentically you doesn’t require force or struggle, but it’s often connected to what you spend most of your free time doing and truly enjoy.


My first passion actually isn’t cooking. I didn’t even know how to not long ago. But I do love eating and nourishing my body, because it’s how I feel my best and it was part of my own healing process. If I had to summarize my true passion in one word it would be SELF-LOVE. Does that sound weird to you? It felt weird to write, because we are so accustomed to not putting ourselves first, criticizing ourselves, or not honoring our feelings. There are so many layers to what I mean, but my passions have been about self-growth vs. stagnancy, self-awareness vs. judgment, self-love and acceptance vs. criticism, self-care vs. sabotage and betrayal, self-belief vs. doubt, self-empowerment vs. powerlessness, and transforming the parts of me that were keeping me stuck in patterns that did not serve me, left me feeling unfulfilled, or settling for less than I deserved. Without Self-Love there is a void. Doing the work to remove our own blocks, transmuting energy, and self-healing is a process. It comes in waves and even once you heal, you will continue to be confronted with triggers at new levels until you master it.

We could all benefit from prioritizing and loving ourselves more. In turn, the more we love ourselves the more we can serve the people we love – without feeling guilt, resentment, frustration or other uncomfortable emotions. Real growth can be painful, and change is uncomfortable. When we expand, we have to leave behind older, outdated versions of ourselves. We also have to let go of the past. We don’t have to view anything as failure though, we can be grateful for what was, knowing it’s all a natural part of our growth and evolution. Humanity is in the midst of a big shift and with that comes big awakenings and growing pains.

I am an avid reader of self-growth and spiritual books - I have been for as long as I can remember. Both my coolest experiences and toughest lessons couldn’t have been just learned through books though – that’s what the human experience is for. Some things can only be understood, practiced, and mastered through our experiences – and we are all here for it. I want to help others wake up to their own inherent worth, heal from their wounds, and to live authentically. To discover their true-self.

I created my blog to share my practical tips for doing the inner work of self-healing on all levels - through nutrition, mindset, vibration, and self-love. It's everything I have learned and used on my own journey. I am also excited to newly launch 1:1 guidance sessions.

If you feel like you don’t know what your strengths are or what your purpose is yet, spend more time alone and think about it. Write down some notes on the qualities you love and appreciate about yourself. Think about what activities bring you joy, what you naturally gravitate toward and how you think those things could serve others. We all have knowledge and skills that can help others on their own path – so don’t be afraid to shine your own light – you never know who you may help or inspire. Stop criticizing yourself and embrace who you are. If you are going through a challenging period, grow through it, and trust that it may be leading you to a higher purpose. Love yourself the way you were naturally designed – you are here for a reason.

Photo Credit: @natasupernova

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