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ENERGY CLEANSE: My Tips for Clearing Your Own Energy

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The more connected to yourself you become, the more you will notice subtle shifts in your own energy field and have the desire to ‘cleanse’ your energy, so you aren’t absorbing and feeling everyone else's.

Below are some helpful tips to help cleanse your energy and return to ‘Home Base’ at the end of the day.


I love taking a shower before getting into bed to cleanse away the day. Water itself is a cleansing element, but I also love using this Miracle II body wash. Click here to purchase.


I also like to use a Himalayan pink salt body scrub or a Himalayan pink salt rock to cleanse my energy and say an affirmation like, “I cleanse away any energy that does not serve me" or "I release any negative energy that is attached to me". Create one that works for you with the intention of cleansing away low vibes and negative energy. Click here to purchase.


I love doing a long meditation with a candle and healing music before going to bed. It's so relaxing and promotes positive feelings before bed. This is a nightly ritual that makes such a big difference for me. I love this quick five minute clearing meditation.

If you don't have a lot of time and just want to get to bed and go to sleep, focus on 3 things you are grateful for from that day to tune your vibration to gratitude, reprogram your subconscious mind, and wake up in a positive mood.

Please note: by making a purchase through my amazon affiliate links , I may earn a small commission that helps support my website and allows me to share these free resources. Thank you for your support!

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