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A few cool finds from the past month :) Click to Shop!

This organic blend by Starseed Kitchen is made up of 11 different herbs + spices, and without anyfillers. It’s also energetically charged with quartz crystals and high vibrational music. It makes prepping protein like fish or chicken really easy. You can use it on veggies too. Warning: it’s spicy!

I found this at Erewhon Market but you can also order it through the website!

The Ami Cole cream multi-stick in Hibiscus has been my go-to blush for the last couple of months. I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, but I love blush for a natural, healthy glow. This stick is also easy to carry in your bag to re-apply when you’re out all day. Shop Here!

I’m still dreaming about my recent day trip here. This spa feels ultra-luxurious, peaceful, and holistic in every way. From the lush gardens to the cozy lounge rooms, holistic treatments using wildcrafted + organic products,organic juices, to the heated Japanese toilets - they pay attention to every detail, and the experience is completely rejuvenating. It’s a true escape.

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