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Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Welcome to the first official SHG Newsletter. I know it's been awhile! The more time passed, the less creative I felt, but I just needed some downtime and didn't want to put pressure on myself. That's the thing with creativity – you can't force it; you have to allow it. So I've been working on getting my creative juices flowing again – first by just living and seeing what piqued my interest. Anyway, I wanted to catch you up on all the great things I've discovered over the last few months. You can find everything linked below!

I recently set aside one of my days off just to explore – going to shops, looking at skincare, makeup, different cafes, etc. and popped into the bookstore at The Brentwood Country Mart (i needed parking validation). This was in their top sellers, and it immediately stood out to me – mainly because I want to re-ignite my own creativity and self-expression. I firmly believe that when a book is recommended or jumps out at you, you are meant to read it.

Currently Eating: The Great White and Bravo Toast

I've made an effort to explore and try more restaurants lately, but it's only made me realize how much I prefer home cooking. I would, however, recommend these two spots in West Hollywood – the fries at Great White are exceptional (cooked in rice-bran oil, so honestly, it could be worse). The gluten-free avocado toast at Bravo Toast is pretty good, but I liked the Sunday morning vibe the most.

Currently Drinking: Erewhon Chagaccino

You know when you're in the mood for a cozy drink, but you don't necessarily want to drink caffeine? This is the perfect drink with coconut milk, dandy blend, chaga, maca, mesquite, and Himalayan salt. I like to sub mine with raw almond milk. It's a great treat.

Currently Wearing: These ALO Yoga Sweatshirts on repeat. It's been cold in LA! I picked up the Espresso and Gravel colors, and I'm thinking about the Iced Green Tea for Summer.

I love, love, love the smell of jasmine when I walk outside in June. I've rediscovered this facial mist by May Lindstrom called 'Jasmine Garden' to incorporate it into my daily skincare routine.

Currently Indulging: Lymphatic Dreaming

I've been craving upgrades to my self-care lately, and my sister introduced me to this spot in West Hollywood as an early birthday present (thank you!). It's pure magic. I felt so light after the first massage, my skin felt soft, and Jessica also uses these special white gloves that feel like acupressure. It's amazing. I'm going back for my second round soon.

some of the above recommendations may be affiliate links which I may earn commission from.

however, the picks always come first, then the partnerships.

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