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I know many of you miss my daily food recs so I rounded up all the things I've carefully vetted and have been loving lately. Enjoy and shop via the links below! xx

1. CAP BEAUTY x HONEY HI PANCAKE MIX Ever since I learned that the popular brands (ahem - Simple Mills) that contain almond flour were tested and found full of glyphosate, I started searching for an organic GF pancake mix I'm obsessed with this pancake mix from CAP BEAUTY. The pancakes turn out SO good.

2. ORGANIC COCONUT DATE ROLLS I love having a couple of dates with hot green tea in the morning before breakfast. I always looks forward to it. These organic coconut date rolls by DelReal are my new favorite. You can find them at most grocery stores or order them below. 3. RUANI BROWNIES I love a good treat, but it has to meet my criteria - aka gluten-free, dairy free, free of refined sugars, no seed oils, and preferably organic ingredients. These Ruani brownies taste so good and check all the boxes. Warning: these do contain eggs if that's something you avoid. 4. ANCIENT HARVEST WASHED + RINSED QUINOA

Quinoa is polarizing, I know. But lately, when I don't want to spend a lot of time cooking or I'm feeling lazy, I love making this and adding a little sea salt as a side to a Rotisserie Chicken or something. It's full of protein, tastes great warm and it takes 15 minutes with water. What's not to love?

5. COYOTAS TORTILLAS These have been my favorite tortillas for awhile. love making homemade Mexican food so these cassava flour tortillas are a staple for tacos, taquitos, and quesadillas. Mexican food can actually be very healthy when you eliminate the dairy, refined oils, and grains like corn and wheat.

This isn't a new recommendation by any means - I've been drinking it for years and have shared it in previous blog posts, but lately I've been keeping it simple with hot water for a quick morning energy boost. This matcha is the cleanest on the market and it comes in a chic little packet that makes it easy to take anywhere.

some of the above recommendations may be affiliate links which I may earn commission from. however, the picks always come first, then the partnerships.

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