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Chakras! Chakras are such a fun topic to me because I am fascinated with energy. The way it can shift and change so rapidly, how it carries information and truth, the way it runs our entire lives, holding us back or propelling us forward, the power we have to transmute it, and how it connects all of us. I’ve worked through many chakra imbalances of my own over the years – shifting and upgrading my energy, activating my throat chakra, opening my third eye, balancing my solar plexus, and grounding my root chakra. While I've learned a lot about them, I am not an expert, so I asked Dianne, a gifted healer, and channeler from Sacred Light Integrations, to help us learn a little more about chakras and one of the many cool services she provides, Chakra Balancing. She also included a 25% off discount code: SELFHEALER for any of her services, which I highly recommend :) I always walk away from a session with Dianne feeling lighter and freer.

So without further ado, Meet Dianne.

For those who don’t know what chakras are, can you give us a brief explanation?

Within and around our physical bodies, there is a subtle energy flow, interpreting and reacting to energetic messages constantly being sent from the external and internal environments. Often described as spinning orbs of light, chakras are the main centers for this subtle energy network. Each chakra represents a layer of our external energy field (the aura) and has a corresponding chakra inside our energy field (our body) at various locations along the spinal column. The chakras serve as indicators we can utilize to gauge where imbalances may be so they can be addressed to keep our energy body healthy and, in turn, keep our physical bodies healthy.

How do chakras become imbalanced? How do you know if you have a chakra imbalance?

Energy is constantly impacting other energy. The list is endless as we consider all the physical, and non-physical things we subject our bodies to, daily. This includes such things as the foods we eat, the products we use for body care and cleaning, the people we surround ourselves with, the self-talk we use to encourage or correct ourselves, the physical movement we incorporate daily into our lives and basically anything we can see in our physical world, can impact our energy. We must also consider the non-physical aspect. What energies in the form of limiting beliefs, ancestral lineage beliefs, past life emotional barriers and traumas have come with us into this lifetime? All of this can also impact the health of our chakras.

If there are any mental, emotional or physical imbalances, there is an underlying chakra imbalance. If we are experiencing any physical symptom, have a pattern of negative feelings, or a feeling of being stuck, these can be red flags to a chakra imbalance. Also, if we are hyper-focused on a topic, person, or belief, these can also be signs of an overactive chakra.

Is it true that every individual has a different dominant chakra?


When or How did you realize you were able to tap into energy?

I was referred to a healer by a chiropractor years ago. She introduced me to Muscle Testing / Kinesiology. She taught me how to muscle test items my body was in alignment with.

Can you tell us a bit about your own self-healing journey?

Before I can share the self-healing side, I feel the need to share what being ‘sick’ entailed for me. Following cultural beliefs when I got sick, I went to a medical doctor. After multiple tests, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The disease spread and doctors removed 95% of my colon. A few years later, the remaining bit of my colon ruptured and poured toxins throughout my body, landing me in emergency surgery and a week in ICU on life support.

While that sounds like the end, it was not. Some years later, a shattered bone threw my body back into trauma mode, and I slowly developed all the same symptoms as before, but without a colon, doctors were baffled. The last diagnosis came after a doctor took my case before a board of doctors. The consensus was, ‘We don’t know what is wrong with you or how to fix you.’ While although this was a crushing blow after placing my trust in the medical profession for decades, it was my soul screaming, it is your turn to get in the driver’s seat. And that is what I did.

I had dabbled in the energy world with trying things here and there, with essential oils, flower essences, acupuncture, etc., but now I was all in. I attended a seminar/class in January 2016, and it was as if a veil was lifted, and I recalled this other non-physical side of who we are. I didn’t recall all the details, but I knew there was more to life than what I had been living or could physically see. After that, I dove into everything I could get my hands on to read and attend, everything I found for activities, wanting to experience them all. Before long, my symptoms were disappearing, and I was feeling better every week. I became a Reiki Master, studied Vibrational Medicine, attended Shamanism Classes, developed my gift as a Channel and did Astral Traveling, played with crystals, and the list goes on. In November 2016, I did the unthinkable, I stopped all my prescription medication and haven’t taken another one since.

What are some of the benefits to cleansing and balancing your chakras?

Enjoying life! When we are able to have our mental, emotional, and physical energy centers in balance, life flows easily. Our mood is upbeat and happily balanced, tasks and chores are completed without issues. We more easily interact and flow with others and the world around us, and manifest the things we desire. Life is fun and enjoyable!

What can someone expect during one of your chakra balancing sessions?

We start by simply clearing the outer layers of the aura / energy field. I often call this ‘dusting,’ as we can all relate to this thin layer of energy often lying around or perhaps, in this instance, clearing what we have picked up from our environment and those around us. Next, we proceed to the balancing, using a pendulum with a sacred geometric shape, as well as a high vibrational light energy, I am able to channel and infuse into session. Most clients report feeling lighter and more centered after a session.

What are some of the ways people can balance their chakras on their own?

Working with nature-based items, such as essential oils, crystals, flower essences, and various herbs, are great tools to work with. Self-acupressure, reflexology, yoga, reiki, healing foods/healthy diet are wonderful additions to our self-care routine for balanced chakras. Using various breathwork and visualization techniques can also be beneficial.

How can someone book a session with you?

Easy! Log onto my website:, select the Schedule tab from the menu to see the available services. If you are first-time customer, plug in the coupon code: SELFHEALER, to receive 25% off any service! If there is a service you’ve heard about but do not see offered, please send me an email to inquire, as if I do not offer a service, I have connected with many healers and can perhaps introduce you!

Photo Credit: Christy Turlington

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