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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

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We often hear that carbs are the enemy or fruit contains too much sugar and should be limited or avoided altogether. When it comes to processed carbohydrates and refined sugars, I completely agree. But many people continue to be guided to limit carbohydrates in their diet, leading them to trendy high-fat, high-protein diets like Keto. The trouble is that this advice doesn't discriminate between natural sugars and refined sugars or good carbs vs. bad carbs, and the high-fat diets can lead to other issues too.

Natural sugars and other healthy carbs from foods such as fruit, honey, squash, and potatoes will be counted as ones you don't want in your life when the truth is that they're Critical Clean Carbohydrates (CCC). "Critical Clean Carbohydrates" (CCC's) are what Medical Medium calls the healthy carbohydrates that provide organs, muscles, tissues, and cells with the glucose they need to function. Too much fat, on the other hand, can make the liver sluggish and unable to store and release glucose.


Glucose is a type of sugar, but that doesn't mean it's bad for you! In fact, sugar is what your body and brain run on. It's your body's primary energy source.

In his books and podcasts, Medical Medium explains that every movement you take, thought you think, and word you speak requires glucose. Your brain heats up when you think and requires sugar to keep it cool. This explains the instinctual cravings for sugar that we experience during highly emotional and stressful situations in life. It's also why you crave sugar when you're tired or didn't sleep well. Medical Medium says, like antifreeze acts as a coolant for an overheated car, the glucose we get from eating fruit helps calm and cool our brains.

One important function of glucose is to protect the nervous system. The central nervous system is responsible for sending all the messages across your entire body and to your brain. (Read my Blog Post about the Central Nervous System here).

Neurological symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, eye floaters, aches and pains, chronic fatigue, and many more require consistent, uninterrupted levels of glucose. Clean Carbohydrates and Fruit are the incredible healing tools needed to recover and heal these symptoms.



Raw Honey

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes (just leave out the butter!)


Coconut Water


Protects the nervous system

Stops the brain from shrinking

Builds muscles

Protects the heart

Vital for liver function

Protects the adrenals

Helps you cope with stress

Is critical for healing

Feeds every cell in the body

Another Benefit: Root vegetables like potatoes and winter squash help keep your energy grounded and centered, especially when you feel disoriented or lost. They can help you feel more stable.


Medical Medium

Read and learn more at the link above. I also recommend the book 'Cleanse to Heal' by Medical Medium.

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